SoundCloud – video may have killed the radio star but audio is far from dead

25 days into 2012 and I thought it’s about time I reinvigorated this old blog of mine.  My muse deserted me in 2011 and inspiration was hard to come by – but I’m feeling positive about 2012 and what better way to start things off than with a little music…

I downloaded the SoundCloud app for iPad over the weekend and feel like I contributed to the 10 million user milestone reached by the online audio distribution platform on Monday.

From my brief trawl through the site it’s a way for DJs, bands and artists to upload  live and recorded tracks and remixes – a way of promoting their music which will entice fans to purchase their recordings or attend their live shows and earn them money as they build a following.  Users can also record tracks using the site.

Some of the tracks are available as free downloads, or you can livestream the music on your preferred device. Continue reading “SoundCloud – video may have killed the radio star but audio is far from dead”


Collaboration – beyond the firewall

On Thursday I had an opportunity to present at a networking event organised by West London Business in partnership with Brunel University, along with my colleague Karl Roche (check-out Karl’s write-up of the event on his blog).  The theme of the event was “Innovation” and Karl and I gave an internal and external perspective on how IBM is using social tools for collaboration.

Prior to the event Karl and I spent hours discussing what we were going to present and how we were going to link to each other’s presentation.  And realised that splitting internal and external comms in the world of web 2.0 wasn’t easy.  Leveraging IBM’s internal audience is imperative in all of our external communication efforts.  In the end, we decided that we’d focus on IBM’s culture and values, and how these enable IBM and its employees to utilise social tools. Continue reading “Collaboration – beyond the firewall”

Web Strategy: (Try to!) focus on the customer

On Tuesday I’m leading a workshop to develop the web strategy for our Demand Programs organisation – something which, to be honest, is completely DAUNTING.

In a large, complex organisation the web is also large and complex.  Each business unit has a vested interest in their own portion of the site, with different objectives and strategies.  The closest I came to finding a single strategy document was an architectural strategy and technical blueprint – god bless IBM and its engineering background!

With so many conflicting interests, the corporate website does start to represent what Jeremiah Owyang stated as:

“… an unbelievable collection of hyperbole, artificial branding, and pro-corporate content.”

In order to take a step back and approach the web with a fresh pair of eyes, I’m adopting the following approach: Continue reading “Web Strategy: (Try to!) focus on the customer”

Incorporating social media into face-to-face events: During the event

Following on from my post that explored how to incorporate social media into face-to-face events, pre-event, this blog post will look at ways of leveraging these tools during an event.

All pre-event activity should have made mention of the community sites being used – e.g. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.  At the event it is a perfect opportunity to remind the audience of these vehicles and Continue reading “Incorporating social media into face-to-face events: During the event”