B2B Marketing Awards: Best lead nurturing initiative

Looking forward to tonight’s B2B Marketing Awards where we, along with our telemarketing agency Slipstream, have been shortlisted for an award.

Nurturing has been an increasing focus for B2B marketers to combat the challenge of the “leaky funnel”.  Whether this be email nuturing or tele nurturing, there was a recognition that responses early in the sales stage were not followed up by sales and opportunities were being missed.

Over the past couple of years, we have been working with Slipstream to develop and hone a nurturing process, based on an approach that looks to replicate a sales call and the buying cycle of the prospect.  Known as “Learn, Scope, Select” the process flow attempts to map relevant material, assets, marketing events, etc. to the buying cycle for a particular IT issue.

The IT journey is mapped out in three stages: Continue reading “B2B Marketing Awards: Best lead nurturing initiative”