SEO – 14 page elements to take into account

Web managers – are you looking to optimise your pages for search?  The following 14 page elements, ranked in order of importance, should help you accomplish good SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

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Big brands and their digital plans – in the firing line!

Yesterday afternoon a last-minute arrangement saw me on the keynote panel at the Search Engine Strategies event in London.  The panel was billed as, “Big Brands and their Biggest Plans Yet“, and I was alongside companies such as Yahoo, the British Museum, and SAP, with some agency representation as well.

At the end of a long day I thought the room would be fairly empty, but the promise of cocktails after the session must have kept people hanging around – and Aaron Kahlow of Online Marketing Connect, who was chairing the panel, prompted the audience to go for a “no holds barred” approach to their questions.

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SEO – advancing the science of search

Advancing the science of search – beyond the web

A lot of time and effort goes into SEO audits – not just the review of your site and the insights and actions required to improve your rankings – but a strategic decision on the keywords to optimise around.  i.e. what you want to be famous for.

The question is whether those keywords are then applied across ALL of the tactics and content you create.

We can’t control search behaviour.  When a customer is at the early stages of identifying a need and at the top of the buying funnel, they’re not searching for your company, products or solutions.  All we can do is try to align generic keywords to their issues and aim for a share of searches.

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Passion for fashion

OK – I admit it – I’m a shopaholic.  I try to limit my online activities to give my credit card a breather as it’s become far too easy to log onto certain sites which kindly store your personal details, so all you need to do is place things into your shopping bag and checkout.  A couple of clicks later and you’ve spent a small fortune.  However, in spite of my urge to splurge, I still find shopping for clothes online to be very hit and miss.

I’m normally a frequent ASOS shopper.  I love the videos they display with each of their outfits so that you can see what the item in question looks like when it’s worn.  Admittedly the fabric and quality can be very different when you actually get the product home, but this video option gives you a 3-D feel for the outfit which you can’t capture when the item of clothing is photographed  lying flat.

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Social media – who wins? Large or small businesses?

Large vs. Small

I came across the following article courtesy of @miketrap on Twitter, “Small Businesses Show Social Networks Some Love“, which reveals research by AMI-Partners that small businesses have been quicker to adopt social media than some have contended.

It got me thinking about the differences in social media adoption between large and small corporations and the challenges and benefits faced by each: Continue reading “Social media – who wins? Large or small businesses?”