Digital eminence – building your personal brand online

I’ve had a number of conversations recently about running internal workshops to help some of our consultants build their digital eminence, and I thought I’d put together some of my ideas.

First things first, let’s take a definition of eminence:

1. a position of superiority, distinction, high rank, or fame

And digital eminence?  I came across the following definition on an IBM internal community:

“Digital Eminence is a term that describes/defines the digital contributions that a user makes that add value to others.

Users with high digital eminence publish high quality articles, blog entries, and add value to key online business discussions.  These individuals not only produce/publish information, they also consume existing information and contribute by rating that content.  Evidence of their eminence is supported by others who have rated their contributions as valuable and have tagged them for reuse by others.”

What are some of the steps you can take to build your brand online? Continue reading “Digital eminence – building your personal brand online”


Augmented reality: bringing I.T. to life

Every now and then you come across a cool technology where you desperately want to find an application to test it out – audience and message be damned!  Augmented reality – for me, is one of those devices. Continue reading “Augmented reality: bringing I.T. to life”

Social media – who wins? Large or small businesses?

Large vs. Small

I came across the following article courtesy of @miketrap on Twitter, “Small Businesses Show Social Networks Some Love“, which reveals research by AMI-Partners that small businesses have been quicker to adopt social media than some have contended.

It got me thinking about the differences in social media adoption between large and small corporations and the challenges and benefits faced by each: Continue reading “Social media – who wins? Large or small businesses?”

Reflexology: Unlock your (Business) Chi

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to experience my very first reflexology treatment.  My partner’s sister has just started up her own reflexology company, Hannah Rose Reflexology, and whilst we sat outside enjoying a garden BBQ in the sunshine, she was the victim of a barrage of well-meaning advice (fuelled by bottles of bubbly) on how best to set up her company and make it a success. Continue reading “Reflexology: Unlock your (Business) Chi”