eMarketer’s UK Digital Ad Spending Report – key insights

eMarketer recently released their UK Digital Ad Spending Report which looks at how investments in digital budgets have changed and are forecast to change by 2017.  The report is currently offered as a free download courtesy of Wildfire by Google (registration required).

I’ve pulled out the key insights and pertinent facts that I took from the report which contains some great graphs and charts.

Key Insights

  1. UK digital advertising spend will eclipse non-digital ad spend in 2016 due to the growth in mobile.
  2. Google will continue to dominate UK search revenues, but will also experience growth in display revenues, primarily due to YouTube.
  3. Ad agencies need to fill knowledge gaps in order to effectively sell mobile ads to clients.
  4. Internet videos offer an opportunity for brands as they provide a different experience for customers and demand is high. Continue reading “eMarketer’s UK Digital Ad Spending Report – key insights”

The power of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising

I was listening to a recorded teleseminar by Chris Cardell and Jay Abraham on how to make your website more profitable with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and there were a number of points I found particularly pertinent. Continue reading “The power of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising”