About Wendy Tarr


Wendy Tarr photoHaving graduated from Uni with a B.A. in English and with dreamy aspirations of being a novelist, reality soon set in and I got a job in sales.   I worked as a sales assistant for a cinema exhibition company before deciding that I preferred the creativity of marketing, and moved across to work in promotions for the movie distribution arm of the same company.

After five years in the film industry I left the drudgery of movie premieres and pre-release screenings for the glamour of IT.

Like many, I fell into IT rather than made a conscious choice.  Having arrived in England on a working holiday visa, it was a choice of temping or working in a bar.  (And yes, I did enjoy a brief stint behind the bar, but found myself better suited to being served than serving).

I accepted a sales job at IBM  before moving back over to THE DARK SIDE – i.e. marketing.  (Or should that be the other way around??)

I held a variety of roles at IBM, selling CRM solutions within the Financial Services sector, as a territory sales representative across 13 clients in the South East of England, and then designing and executing B2B integrated marketing communications campaigns across a range of on and offline vehicles including events, telemarketing, email, direct mail, search, display and social media.

My experience and passion for online marketing led me to create and develop the role of Digital Media Marketing Manager for myself.  This encompassed social media, online campaigns leveraging 3rd party media publications and providers, search (SEM and SEO) and virtual events.

Moving from sales to marketing, back to sales, and again back to marketing, I jumped off the roundabout to accept a management consulting role with Infosys within their Digital Transformation practice.  My focus was on digital marketing, social media and eCRM, and how to use technology to deliver business value.

After almost two years at Infosys I was given the opportunity to join EY (formerly Ernst & Young), leading their global Digital Platforms research and development team.  The mission of our team: to be at the forefront of the latest digital trends and capabilities in order to best support EY’s practitioners, marketing and business development teams with a highly competitive, compelling and valued digital portfolio.

Two and a half years later, spotting an opportunity to improve the level of data-driven decision-making within EY’s Brand, Marketing & Communications function, I made the decision to join the Measurement & Analytics team.  I am able to bring my sales and marketing experience of pipeline management, lead scoring and CRM; my digital marketing knowledge of social media, mobile and website analytics; and my consulting experience to uncover requirements linked to business and marketing objectives, and deliver dashboards and reports that facilitate greater insight.

This blog will draw on my experiences as a B2B marketer within the corporate rat race, the challenges and successes of companies utilising digital marketing to great effect, and the growing importance and challenge of harnessing analytics to formulate data-driven insights.  Plus, of course, various ramblings on life, the universe… and golf.

The postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent any organisation that I am currently, previously or may in future be affiliated to in terms of strategies or opinions.


5 thoughts on “About Wendy Tarr

  1. Wendy. Wow! Your blog is great. Nice to see a point of view with references about the opportunities and complexities we have in this joined up, social-media, 2.0 world. Am now subscribing to regular updates. JP

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