Viral marketing: Can you set out to create a viral video?

I loved the interview with “The Running Mad Professor” (@RunningMadProf) on the BBC coverage of the London Marathon this morning.  In an effort to raise awareness (and money) for his participation in the London Marathon he’s created a great viral video on YouTube.  It just goes to show that with a little creativity and an engaging, unique concept, you can create content which captures the attention of people and helps you achieve your objective.  In this case, raising money for the Encephalitis Society – encephalitis is an inflammation of the brain, usually caused by infection or an inappropriate auto-immune response to infection.

The YouTube video currently has close to 4,000 views and has been picked up by the mainstream media.

Can you set out to create a viral video?  I came across the following article which identifies The 7 Viral Video Campaign Elements by Jerry Bader:

  1. Engage: Grab Attention.
  2. Enlighten: Provide Substance.
  3. Stylise: Create An Experience.
  4. Focus: Be Consistent.
  5. Entertain: Be Memorable.
  6. Resonate: Hit A Nerve.
  7. Excite: Compel Action.

I’ve recently been working on a video (I won’t say a viral video as that’s an unknown entity until we go live!) and whilst we’ve aimed to tick most of the boxes above, at this stage we’re hoping that people will find it engaging enough to share.

There are so many videos out there that it’s difficult to get cut-through, but with some targeted outreach we’re hoping to achieve our objective of informing, entertaining and engaging people.

Watch this space for results!

Do you have any hints & tips for improving the shareability of your content?


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