Social media digital spaces

 Social media is an umbrella term used to describe the digital networks and tools that enable people to communicate, interact and share content with one another.  Social media networks and tools are deployed and developed for “public, “corporate” or “internal digital spaces.

It’s useful to bear this in mind when you’re preparing your social media strategy and considering how you want to socialise your message, content or campaigns as each of these spaces supports’ different objectives and targets a different audience.

To explore in more detail:

  • “Corporate” networks and tools:  Branded, audience is more targeted: prospects, customers. Examples include corporate forums/community spaces/blogs, etc.
  • “Internal” networks and tools: Participative audience: employees, partners

Ideally, the social media experience should exist across each of these digital spaces in order to ensure, not only consistency of message, but distribution of a tailored message and content to each of the audiences identified.

It also ensures that prospects, customers, partners and employees have a consistent and “perpetual” conversation with you wherever they are digitally.


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