Building your social media strategy

Forrester’s Social Technographics Ladder classifies how people are using social media.  Organisations can use these categories Continue reading “Building your social media strategy”

Drive: the truth about motivation

On Friday morning I was fortunate to attend a breakfast briefing with Dan Pink, author of Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, in conversation with David Rowan, editor of Wired UK.  Dan outlined the premise of his new book – that the current theories around motivation – i.e. external rewards like money and fame, or the fear of punishment (AKA the “carrot and stick” approach)  – do not work.  Continue reading “Drive: the truth about motivation”

Evolution of interactive marketing – From shopfront to relationship building

The diagram below from Toolbox demonstrates the evolution of interactive marketing – but whilst it demonstrates potential objectives and measurements for corporate websites, the reality is that many organisations are still grappling with how they make some of these goals a reality. Continue reading “Evolution of interactive marketing – From shopfront to relationship building”