Social media roadmap – from basic to advanced

I came across the following social media spectrum of participation in the White Paper, “5 Social Media Marketing Best Practices for B2B” (and apologies for the grainy picture!).  It outlines a Basic to Advanced Roadmap for social media that enables companies to identify where there efforts currently lie, and where they can aim to get to. Continue reading “Social media roadmap – from basic to advanced”


Twitter is not a strategy! 4 social media objectives.

After what felt like the hundredth conversation on social media which started with “so I’ve created a Twitter ID, Facebook fan page and LinkedIn group”, I started to despair.  Why is it so difficult for people to identify their objectives before they launch in with the tools?

And let’s face it, setting up the tools is the easy part!  Whilst there are a number of agencies out there who have been touting their services to create these groups, all they really require is a little time and effort to get started.  The hard part – the REALLY time consuming part, is identifying why the hell you’re creating them in the first place, and how you’re going to measure your success.

So I thought I’d jot down some potential objectives: Continue reading “Twitter is not a strategy! 4 social media objectives.”