300 Case Studies of Social Media Marketing

I was in the midst of putting together a presentation on how to leverage social media to grow your business when I came across a document on Scribd that collated 300 examples of social media marketing from various corporations – this has since been taken down from Scribd as the author had taken the copy from a great piece of work by Peter Kim, without acknowledgment of the source.

Peter has created a wiki of social media marketing examples.

Further information can be found on his blog.

17 thoughts on “300 Case Studies of Social Media Marketing

    1. Hey Peter, btw, thanks for the resource very useful. I guess you’ll have to launch up your copy to Scribd to avoid “compiled by” what ever that means. It should be “copy & pasted by” instead.

    2. Hi Peter,

      I’ve updated the post to include the links to your blog and the source of the document I’d discovered on Scribd. What a fantastic resource! Thanks for commenting and sending through the links.

      Kind regards,

  1. I hear is that social media can be used more or even only for B2C marketing campaigns. This leads me to the conclusion that B2B marketers seem to be schizophrenic about social media. They have been using social media for years just like the buyers in the business-to-business sector. Maybe I am a little biased here because I work in that space but the sheer pace of adoption and the enormous buzz created around social media seems overwhelming.

    1. Hi Ricky, many B2B companies are successfully using social media to engage with customers, prospects, partners and key influencers. I believe that both B2B and B2C organisations can realise the benefits of social media.

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