Lessons from YoU2ube

As part of their 360° tour, U2 stream their concert live from the Rose Bowl tonight to millions of viewers over YouTube.  There is no charge to watch the concert.  No request to provide contact details.  There are four CTA’s (Calls to Action): Continue reading “Lessons from YoU2ube”


SEO – advancing the science of search

Advancing the science of search – beyond the web

A lot of time and effort goes into SEO audits – not just the review of your site and the insights and actions required to improve your rankings – but a strategic decision on the keywords to optimise around.  i.e. what you want to be famous for.

The question is whether those keywords are then applied across ALL of the tactics and content you create.

We can’t control search behaviour.  When a customer is at the early stages of identifying a need and at the top of the buying funnel, they’re not searching for your company, products or solutions.  All we can do is try to align generic keywords to their issues and aim for a share of searches.

Applying keywords to content Continue reading “SEO – advancing the science of search”

The YouTube Effect

Much has been made of the YouTube effect – suddenly what you say in private can be captured on film and broadcast to the world.  Information is made available to millions of people online in an instant – with both positive and negative implications.  It came up as part of the US Congressional campaign, has had an affect on foreign policy and has impacted TV networks.

A couple of weeks back I met with Darren Waters, ex BBC Technology Editor and now Managing Director of Monument PR, and we discussed the YouTube effect in terms of digital media.  Continue reading “The YouTube Effect”