Publishing in the digital age

I met with Incisive Media yesterday, a global B2B information provider with both online and offline products, to discuss digital media.  It was interesting to see how this publishing giant was leveraging it’s online real estate to maximise opportunities for advertisers, and no doubt a sign of things to come in terms of online publishers.

With hundreds of titles (or products) but little synergy previously between their brands, it was difficult to run campaigns across the publications without dealing with each title separately.  Incisive are now building a common technology platform which will allow them to fully leverage their digital assets.



In addition, they are implementing a common template across all their online products based on heat mapping, to understand which areas of the site are prime real estate, and whether this varies by information category – e.g. IT compared to legal – and then using this insight to inform how they display their web content and advertising.

Incisive are using a technology called Grapeshot to facilitate contextual intelligence across their site content.  i.e.  what is the concept and meaning for each document on the website.  This can also be blended with behavioural intelligence, by capturing the user’s cookies.  By sending these keywords or categories to an ad server, publishers have the ability “to deliver a personalised advertising or content experience.”

This approach also allows them to offer advertisers the opportunity to deliver ads that are targeted to the content on specific pages.  This means that advertisers can target their ads to ensure that they are being delivered alongside content that is relevant, and also allows the user to see advertising that supports the editorial copy on the page.  I think this is particularly useful when advertisers are looking to include a demand generation element to their campaigns and want to ensure that their content is being delivered to an audience interested in the topic.

You can see how the power of the keyword is transforming content on the web – ensuring that everything is searchable and categorised and changing the way publishers deliver information to their customers.  This is the second publisher I know of that is starting to better leverage their online publications.  I wonder how the face of publishing will change in years to come…


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