Passion for fashion

OK – I admit it – I’m a shopaholic.  I try to limit my online activities to give my credit card a breather as it’s become far too easy to log onto certain sites which kindly store your personal details, so all you need to do is place things into your shopping bag and checkout.  A couple of clicks later and you’ve spent a small fortune.  However, in spite of my urge to splurge, I still find shopping for clothes online to be very hit and miss.

I’m normally a frequent ASOS shopper.  I love the videos they display with each of their outfits so that you can see what the item in question looks like when it’s worn.  Admittedly the fabric and quality can be very different when you actually get the product home, but this video option gives you a 3-D feel for the outfit which you can’t capture when the item of clothing is photographed  lying flat.

Yesterday, as I was browsing online, I came across the following cool feature on the H&M website.  They’ve created a Guys and Girls style guide where you can actually pick and choose various items of clothing and drag and drop them into a feature window, thus creating your own personally styled outfits.

H&M Women's Clothing

H&M Women's Clothing

This would be fantastic if they were to put more of their catalogue onto the site as it would allow people to create complete outfits from H&M’s stock, including clothing, shoes, jewellery and other accessories, thereby increasing the likelihood of them purchasing the entire outfit rather than the odd item of clothing.  In addition, it would be great if you could add the outfit directly to your shopping cart and purchase it then and there, which would boost impulse purchases.

What they have rather cleverly done, is allow you to add the outfit to your blog post, which is a fantastic way of sharing content and building links to the site, all key for good search rankings.   They’ve also done this with their video content, where you can obtain embed the videos from YouTube into your blog.

Is it just me, or are people more passionate about fashion than IT?


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