Reflexology: Unlock your (Business) Chi

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to experience my very first reflexology treatment.  My partner’s sister has just started up her own reflexology company, Hannah Rose Reflexology, and whilst we sat outside enjoying a garden BBQ in the sunshine, she was the victim of a barrage of well-meaning advice (fuelled by bottles of bubbly) on how best to set up her company and make it a success.

Word of Mouth

Everyone was in unanimous agreement that a business in its infancy may have to operate at a loss in order to build a reputation, a client base, and recommendations.  And whilst this may be off-putting to start with, the power of positive of word of mouth is invaluable.

Making an effort to exceed customers’ expectations and deliver an exceptional service  are what stands out in people’s minds.  Whilst I may leave Hannah’s reflexology session feeling incredibly relaxed, it was her professionalism, warmth and attention to detail (a thoughtful homemade gift) that were real stand-out touches.


Having produced a gorgeous business card and flyer in a stylish font and muted tones, the whole affect is very professional, soothing and appealing.  This attention to detail is extremely important in conveying the personality of your brand that matches the service you’re offering.  In contrast to another business card I came across which cutely displayed a dinosaur playing a guitar… advertising a gardening service!  Where the linkage to gardening came in, no-one could comprehend.

First impressions count

It’s been asserted by Malcolm Gladwell in his book, Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, that people make up their minds about people they meet virtually instantaneously (interesting read on the power of the sub-conscious mind), rather than within the first two minutes, as has often been asserted by many professional speakers and trainers.  Such an instinctual snap judgement has a crucial impact in a service industry, particularly where human contact is part of the service.

Search Engine Optimisation

Setting up a website is only the first step.  If your potential clients can’t find you in a cluttered marketplace, you’re immediately on the backfoot.  If you type your company name/relevant keywords into Google and you don’t appear, you SHOULD be worried.  Whilst B2B companies may scroll past the first search page to look for a company they recognise, this is less common when people are searching for personal services/B2C products.

Whilst there’s debate about the medical benefits of reflexology being unproven in some instances, I have to say that, having experienced a treatment, I’m a convert!  The feeling of having someone work on the pressure points in your feet promotes such a sense of relaxation and wellbeing, and I can easily see why people seek out treatments for stress and other ailments.

For anyone living in London, I definitely recommend visiting

(Plus Hannah’s homecooked treats are the perfect indulgence!)


2 thoughts on “Reflexology: Unlock your (Business) Chi

  1. Wendy, enjoying your blog. I like the mix of information and opinion – essential to keep people interested. I have been writing my work blog at for a couple of years and have found that it took me a while to find my voice, along with the discipline to keep it regularly updated.

    Regarding your sister’s reflexology company, I think it is a great space to be in, both from a personal level and as a business. Having trained on various types of massage, (mainly Swedish and Indian Head), I have had a lot of interest but have kept it more as a hobby as it would be a big leap to turn it into a living/lifestyle.

  2. Thanks for the comments John. I’ve got a long way to go before I generate as many blog posts as you! And finding the time to update my blog is a constant challenge – but it’s so rewarding when people take the time to read it and interact.

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