Inbound Marketing University – free education opportunity

There appears to be continued debate about the role of email marketing – is it diminishing in effectiveness with the growth of social media?  Are people tuning out as their intrays become increasingly overloaded?  Are people using other tools (e.g. RSS feeds and RSS aggregators) to manage their information updates?

One thing’s clear – if proper segmentation and targeting is carried out and the email content is relevant to the receiver and arrives in their intray at the right time, there is a high likelihood that the email will be read and actioned.

Case in point – I received my weekly email update from a LinkedIn group that I belong to, Pro Marketers – For Marketing Professionals – announcing a new community site they were launching  and a FREE education opportunity.

The Inbound Marketing University is offered via a series of 10 webinars, all of which are recorded in case you can’t attend live, running from June 15-19, with a review session and exam on June 22.  The content is provided by a wealth of experienced and high profile professors including: Chris Brogan (New Marketing Labs), Mack Collier (MarketingProfs), Rand Fishkin (SEOmoz), Ann Handley (MarketingProfs), Jeanne Hopkins (MarketingExperiments) and Lee Odden (Top Rank Online Marketing).

Whilst I’m slightly nervous about the exam aspect (I’m still trying to motivate myself to sit the last two exams for my CIM course which I started three years ago!), it’s a great opportunity to keep my skills and knowledge up-to-date, and get ideas on new tactics I can try out at work.


3 thoughts on “Inbound Marketing University – free education opportunity

  1. Stumbled across this as a result of your Linked-In update.
    Really like the posts so far – have already learned about the education stuff from you (have you shared with Dave P for the Our Journey project)

    Keep it up – you’ve reminded me I haven’t posted anything in my blogs for AGES. You’re on my RSS now…

    1. The difficult thing is keeping it updated. By the way – I was reading B2B magazine the other day when I saw the full page photo of you! You’ll be on JLA’s books soon! 😉

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