First post nerves…

After sitting here for the past 10 minutes staring at a blank screen, I can honestly say that I’m still struggling to grasp the advice given in Mark Ivey’s post that “just good enough” is the way forward in this fast-paced world of social media.  It’s difficult to get your thoughts down on paper when you want everything to be perfect.  Particularly your first post.

But I’m sure, like most things in life, it will get easier (and better) with practice.

Here’s hoping!


6 thoughts on “First post nerves…

  1. Hey there! Welcome to the blogosphere! Well done for taking the plunge! I like the theme you picked too. Writing gets easier. Don’t forget to check out the IBM social media guidelines of course for help.

    Like writing a diary, I find the problem is that when you’ve got lots to say, that’s exactly when you don’t get around to writing. You just gotta make time.

    1. I have a feeling this will be like Twitter – far easier to make time for than some of the more mundane aspects of the day-to-day job.

  2. Everything gets better with practice. And you’re catching onto the secret of Web2.0… authenticity comes from sharing without pretense and without perfection… showing you are learning subjects along with the rest of a community. This is the secret to building trust and shaping your voice. The key is just to put the stuff out there and the rest will take care of itself. Welcome.

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