Reflexology: Unlock your (Business) Chi

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to experience my very first reflexology treatment.  My partner’s sister has just started up her own reflexology company, Hannah Rose Reflexology, and whilst we sat outside enjoying a garden BBQ in the sunshine, she was the victim of a barrage of well-meaning advice (fuelled by bottles of bubbly) on how best to set up her company and make it a success. Continue reading “Reflexology: Unlock your (Business) Chi”


IT Marketing – Are you being heard?

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend a customer roundtable as part of the IBM Marketing & Communications Top Talent (TT) Program, where the CEO, IT Director and CAD Manager of an IBM client discussed their views on the marketing and communications they receive from the IT industry – their likes and dislikes (many of which came as no surprise!), and some insight into what they really need.

1. Relationships are key

At CEO level, Continue reading “IT Marketing – Are you being heard?”

Inbound Marketing University – free education opportunity

There appears to be continued debate about the role of email marketing – is it diminishing in effectiveness with the growth of social media?  Are people tuning out as their intrays become increasingly overloaded?  Are people using other tools (e.g. RSS feeds and RSS aggregators) to manage their information updates?

One thing’s clear – if proper segmentation and targeting is carried out and the email content is relevant to the receiver Continue reading “Inbound Marketing University – free education opportunity”